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Cloud Migration Services 

Cloud Migration has become crucial for business sustainability and growth.

It is the process whereby an organization’s digital assets such as databases, applications, and IT processes are moved to the cloud or from one another.

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In recent years, organizations have been quick in reaping the benefits of cloud computing.

Migrating to the cloud is not just about improving scalability and security. It’s also about improving your financial resilience by shifting from a traditional upfront expenditure to a more flexible pay-as-you-go model.

You need good skills if you are planning to move enterprise workloads into the Cloud.

If your organization is looking to migrate to cloud to embark on the digital transformation journey, we offer managed services with expert engineers working with you and for your company.

Super Infomatics helps organizations in digital transformation and ensures that cloud migration occurs through the right strategy, roadmap, workflow model, and ecosystem collaborations. We determine which approach works best for your organization. We are a customer-centric organization and we take care of the cloud migrations effectively without losing crucial data and time.

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6 Steps to Migrate to Cloud Seamlessly



We discover and identify resources at the source that needs to be migrated.

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As per the initial assessment, we design the cloud solution for the identified resources.



The solution design mapped dependencies across applications and agree on the priorities of the resources to be migrated or remediated with the customer's business priorities in mind.

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Our remediation team assists with resolving mitigation issues and then migrate Apps/Data/Infrastructure/Security Rules and all necessary resources as designed in the migration plan.



After Go Live, provide overview training of cloud.



Provide post migration support. Our team of expert engineers support your post migration as well. We provide 24 hours and 365 days support.

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