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Introducing the New Partnership: Super Infomatics and FileAgo Collaborate for Better File Management Solution

Better File Management Solution

FileAgo is an all-in-one solution for secure file management, file sharing and collaboration in an organization. Product which has Better File Management Solution from it's competition.

Super Infomatics have partnered with FileAgo to provide complete data security to it's own customers. Data being the new age currency and the oil to run any business, prevention and protection is much more important.

Data theft and cyber-criminals can be internal as well as external. How do we prevent them from having unnecessary access to your data ? Answer is FileAgo.

FileAgo is an SaaS as well as self-hosted platform built with data security in mind. FileAgo can save entire business data under unprecedented risk scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Globally first robust granular permission technology feature for Individual/Group - file & directory permission.

  • FileAgo can be installed and run either on-premise or on-cloud.

  • Live collaborative editing of files from browser.

  • Preview and annotation of CAD drawings from browser.

  • Content-aware, de-duplication algorithm saves disk space.

  • Sync local data with FileAgo using client application.

  • Data stored using AES256 encryption.

  • Audit the organization data with in-built event logs feature.

  • In-built two-factor authentication feature for allowing user access.

  • Group workspace feature to manage files access within the organization.

  • Secures organization data from any malware and ransomware attacks.

  • Unique feature of partial download of files.

  • FileAgo sends notification by email to the users thereby notifying the changes taken place in file contents.

Add-On Features:

  • Unique features of recovering files and folders from any version.

  • Stop sending files using email attachments. Share, discuss and collaborate with the team on single-platform.

  • Publish events to external endpoints using web hooks.

  • Integration with Active-Directory and LDAP for organization permission workload.

  • FileAgo can also act as a search engine.

Super Infomatics will help you to improve your security landscape whether it's emails, apps or devices, identities, data, network and cloud workloads. We are just a call away +91 7303028772 / 4.

Thank You!


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