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Cloud Computing- The Ideal Solution for Every Business

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

In this digital era, as majority of employees wanting to work at their own pace, coupled with cloud backup and disaster recovery, cloud computing proves to be an ideal solution for every business.

Here are a few reasons as to why businesses should consider moving to the cloud.

Focus on your Core Business: As an enterprise, it’s important to focus on your USP’s to stay ahead of your competitors. By adopting cloud computing enterprises don’t have to worry about the power, cooling, bandwidth and the maintenance of the infrastructure. Instead, keep working towards improving the products or services which will help you to expand your business.

Flexibility: Cloud Based services offer operational agility i.e. it gives your business ability to scale up or down cloud capacity according to your business needs. Business outcomes are directly affected by various factors such as R.O.I. of a product or a service, government policy change, taxation and many more. It’s important to have that flexibility to stay ahead of your competitors.

Disaster Recovery: Small business and Start-ups usually lack cash and expertise in all the areas of their service. Since business is all about numbers and crucial information, based on which business decisions are taken. With cloud computing, it is easy to back up and recover the important piece of information in the event of a disaster. Thus saving time and avoiding large upfront investment.

Economical: Hiring a team of expert IT professionals can prove to be costly as substantial capital and resources are needed for server applications and hardware. Instead, with Cloud computing, there is no need for on-premise infrastructure and enterprises need to pay only for the services they opt, while they enjoy a subscription-based model that is kind to their pocket.

Enhanced Security and maintenance: With cloud computing the servers are off-premise. Service providers roll out regular software updates including security updates. So, as a business enterprise, you don’t have to invest time and money, leaving you to focus on your core offerings.

Increased Team Collaboration: As a Start-up or small business enterprise, you have a substantially small team and it’s important to share a common goal in order to achieve it. With Cloud computing you can access, edit and share documents from anywhere, as a result, you can do more and much better as a team. With workflow and file sharing, you can make changes in real time and it gives your team full visibility.

Automation: The mean time between failures is significantly short on the cloud and once the optimum level of cloud deployment is achieved including server and database. In the event of a failure, it can be restored back, within few hours and minutes. Applications are integrated on the cloud which can detect failures and recommend steps to be taken.

Competitive advantage: Moving to the cloud gives access to enterprise-class technically advanced applications i.e. the applications that are designed to be robust and scalable across the large organizations. Pay as you go service and cloud business applications, small business enterprise and start-ups can utilize these applications and run with the big organizations and disrupt the market.

Super Infomatics, provides you assessment to make sure your enterprise needs are carefully looked into and the right services are utilized.

Talk to our cloud experts now to revitalize your business with the amazing benefits cloud has to offer.

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