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Super Infomatics Support for Google Services

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Google Workspace Deployment

As a Google Cloud Partner, Super Infomatics offers Google Workspace deployment, management services, data migration, mobile device management and a lot more that can help customers to fulfil their unique business needs. Google Workspace helps businesses to boost their overall productivity with its highly collaborative and seamless tools. It can help to lower the maintenance and the IT costs, irrespective of the size and type of business. Whether you’re a small business or multinational corporation, your long-term strategy should balance optimizing for both innovation and security without compromising one for the other.

List of Services with Super Infomatics expertise:

  1. Google Workspace Assessment & Consultancy - Super Infomatics engineers who are expert and certified in Google Workspace will help optimize your licenses and your Google Workspace usage. Engineers will guide you how to use the services to the fullest which will in return improve user's productivity and help them to be more efficient in working & collaborating with internal and external users.

  2. Google Workspace Deployment - Certified engineers work on all the projects. Super Infomatics have the expertise to deploy all the Google Workspace services along with JumpCloud services to have better security in-place.

  3. Email Migration - Super Infomatic can migrate your emails from any source or any email platform. Engineers do proper research and provide you all the possible solution and how emails can be migrated with no or less downtime. Email migration can be with free tool or any third-party paid tool depending on the scenario and the ask from the customer.

  4. Google Workspace Security - Super Infomatics engineers guide you with proper security deployment which is needed to fight against today's sophisticated virus and cyber-attacks. We are more concern about security when it comes to our own customers. Default security is deployed without customer asking us or not.

  5. Identity Management - Identity Access and Management is also taken seriously because not all users needs access to all the services. Super Infomatics help customer understand to define proper policy on identity management. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is necessary in today's security landscape and we at Super Infomatics think it is necessary for all organization to atleast have MFA enabled.

  6. Mobile Device Management - Deployment of MDM solution is required because almost every user have access to emails & data in 2 or more devices. Protection of data, protection against unwanted or compromised devices is needed.

  7. Super Infomatics Support - Super Infomatics motto is to provide proper support to all our customers as and when needed. Trust our managed service team who are working day in and out to guide you and support in your small or any big issue faced by the customers. Super Infomatics team is always available as and when needed.

Take the next step in digital transformation. Start running workloads on Google Cloud with Super Infomatics.

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